Love and Dreams
Barberi Paull Feit
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“We must open ourselves to the possibility of everyday miracles.”

Historical Romance Novel, set in New York

Transport yourself back through the past hundred years in a tale of love set in the glamorous world of New York’s aristocratic society. Accomplished composer and author Barberi Paull Feit webs an enthralling and magical historical novel of love and friendship in Love and Dreams. In Love and Dreams we meet different lovers and see different kinds of love: people in love for the first time, lifelong friends, mothers and daughters, widows and widowers and not all of them young. For we are always eligible for love. Some of the characters had found love and lost it.

But Love and Dreams tells how we never really lose love; we hold on to it in memories... and in the belief that love as the strongest of human emotions fills the space between heaven and earth. She has given us an illustration of how the ties that bind us to the world - love and friendship - also tie us to the spiritual realm.

New York, USA

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